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Colored Boxes
Pat Lafontaine

Lion's Den for Pittsburgh

The latest Lion's Den will sport a new wrinkle that will feature technology making it easier for patients to connect with their school and teachers. Because the design of the Lion's Den is so versatile, it was easy to add technology components that focus on education. In addition to PCs connected to the Internet, SMART Technology has agreed to donate a SMART Board and a SMART Table to this project.

The SMART Table is designed to stimulate collaboration among students. It includes learning applications that require students to work together on a problem and come to a consensus before giving their answer. Students are prompted and congratulated with sound and graphic cues as they learn to work as a team.

The SMART tools will allow teachers to come on site and work with students in the Lion's Den or connect via the room's video conferencing capabilities to their local schools.

DuPont's Corian® will cover the room's walls, desktops and cabinetry which will enhance infection control in the classroom.

A large screen TV will utilize Cisco System's advanced video conferencing capabilities to broadcast educational content to the patients. Patients can connect to their classroom or to other Lion's Den rooms on the network via Cisco's WebEx tools to collaborate on their learning experience. And when the learning is over, the fun can begin! The same screen can easily be adapted after school hours for games such as "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero".

Pat LaFontaine said, "I am extremely grateful to the National Hockey League for their generosity and consideration of the children of Pittsburgh. I can think of no better way to commemorate the NHL's gathering at the Winter Classic than by this long-lasting gift to the host community in Pittsburgh."

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