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Pat Lafontaine

Main Street Mile Sets Records

Farmingdale, NY – Sept. 3, 2011  –  A record turn-out of runners participated in the 7th Annual Main Street Mile in Farmingdale today in support of the Companions in Courage Foundation. More than 350 runners turned out on a sparkling day to run the mile and raise money for local children's hospitals. Proceeds from the race have been earmarked by the race directors for a mobile XBox kiosk at Cohen Children's Hospital in New Hyde Park.

Major sponsors The Runner's Edge, Cisco Systems and the law firm of Carter, DeLuca, Farrell and Schmidt provided a wonderful environment for runners to participate in a family-friendly event that benefited the community. Former NHLer Steve Webb ran the race and afterward said, "Any time you can motivate a group of people like this to get off their couch in support of those in need, you've really accomplished something."

Co-directors of the race, Bob Cook, Mindy Davidson and Mark Leff also earned the praise of Pat LaFontaine. He noted that the race went off without a hitch and that lots of money was raised from the record number of registrants plus an inspired post-race raffle at Croxley's Ale House. Leff said, "Mayor Starkey and his staff got engaged in the race from the outset and that really helped us in relations with the town and even the MTA."

LaFontaine noted some of the runners may have been motivated to get out of the house after being cooped up from the fall-out of Hurricane Irene all week. At the awards ceremony he advised all of the participants. "When you gather with family and friends at backyard barbecues and they ask what you did this weekend, tell them this. 'I helped a bunch of sick kids in hospitals. And oh yeah, I also ran a mile..."

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