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Pat Lafontaine

"Victorious" star Matt Bennett visits patients

Matt Bennett (Robbie Shapiro on Nickelodeon’s hit show “Victorious”) recently took some time to visit patients in the Lion’s Den interactive game room located at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City.


Bennett utilized the room’s interactive capabilities to conduct a video chat, before visiting more than 20 patients and their families at their bedsides. A few of the patients asked him if he brought his puppet along for the visit. The Nickelodeon star explained that he left “Rex Powers” (his character’s puppet on the show) at home. But he brought along a guitar and serenaded a few of the shy patients with his hit show’s theme song.


One 5-year-old patient enthusiastically joined in the singing, despite claiming that she didn’t “know all the words.” Afterwards, she took a deep bow at the waist as her relatives and nurses applauded with gusto. The wide smile on her face made it obvious how much she appreciated the visit, and the chance to sing with a TV favorite.


The star was joined by his dad, Fred who said, “Matt realizes how he can have a positive impact – if even for just a few minutes – on kids who are going through some tough times. It’s a pleasure for him to do this”


Pat LaFontaine joined Matt on the video chat and said how proud he was that the young star would take time out of his busy schedule to make a difference. The former hockey star said, “These patients can really relate to someone like Matt. They watch him on TV every day. To suddenly having him standing at the foot of their bed is just a warm and uplifting experience. There is no doubt that he made a huge impact with his visit today.”




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