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Pat Lafontaine

Record turnout at Main St. Mile

The 2012 Main Street Mile in Farmingdale, NY was sponsored by Runner’s Edge, the law firm of Carter, DeLuca, Farrell & Schmidt and Cisco Systems. A crowd of almost 450 participated in the children’s, women and men’s divisions of the race.

Race directors Mark Leff, Bob Cook, Mindy Davidson, Craig Gluf and Eric Bressler did another  superb job attracting sponsors, runners and enlisting the support of the entire community. Pat LaFontaine ran the race and then helped distribute awards to the top finishers.

 The top male finishers completed the road course in just over 4 minutes, while one of the female runners walked the course in just under 20 minutes. There is a place for everyone in the Main Street Mile. Following the race and awards ceremony, runners and fans poured into Croxley Ale House for a post-race meal, raffle and celebration. Frank Brinka of B-103 radio broadcast live from the post-race party and shared the joy with the rest of Long Island.

 Many members of the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff’s and the County Correction Officers Boldest Hockey team participated in the run and then presented the CiC Foundation with a donation of $1,000 after the race. All proceeds from the event will be used to support the CiC Foundation.

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