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Pat Lafontaine

Mighty Quinn in NY Daily News

By Mighty Quinn

Hockey great Pat LaFontaine e-mailed Mighty, and invites all to join his new team:

"Dear Mighty, we are working hard to bring two new Lion's Dens online by the end of this year. We are delivering our 300th mobile XBox 360 kiosk to a children's hospital this month and I am getting ready to start ... running again!

"This old hockey player is attempting to run the ING New York City Marathon on Nov. 1. I've teamed up with ING to spread a positive message about youth running and fitness through the ING Run for Something Better program (www.orangelaces.com).

"And, of course, I am also running in support of those special kids in children's hospitals. Please visit my link at www.active.com/donate/CiCNYC to learn how you can qualify to win four grandstand tickets at the marathon finish line. Thanks for your continued support and please enjoy our most recent newsletter. Yours in courage, Pat LaFontaine, Companions in Courage Foundation www.CiC16.org"

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