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Pat Lafontaine

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a gift to the Companions in Courage (CiC) Foundation
        and how do I address my check?

If you want to make a direct monetary contribution, all checks should be made payable to the Companions in Courage Foundation and sent to our address at:

Companions in Courage Foundation
attn: Pat LaFontaine
P.O. Box 768
Huntington, NY 11743
(914) 325-4870

Other ways to donate, including sponsorship opportunities, can be found on our website; just click on the Donate Now button.

Is my gift to the CiC Foundation tax-deductible?

The CiC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, and as such your gift is likely tax deductible. (Federal ID #16-1493691). All gifts that qualify as tax-deductible, however, are based upon recent decisions and rulings upon federal tax laws and regulations now in effect. Please consult your attorney or CPA as to the applicability of any items to your personal situation.

How is the money used?

The CiC Foundation works with hospitals throughout North America to deliver the "Lion's Den" rooms which use technology in the healing process. Money raised by CiC is used to offset the design fee for the creation of the rooms and to fabricate the walls, ceiling and furniture that give the Lion's Dens their unique look and feel. The CiC Foundation maintains the lowest possible expenses by soliciting donations, including administrative and operational support, from some of our generous benefactors. Partners such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Full Armor provide technical support and resources to connect these rooms.

Where will the money be spent? Location?

The CiC Foundation has experienced unprecedented success through the installation of Lion's Den rooms at the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital in Westchester, NY; the Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, NY; and Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. It is our intention to move into communities throughout North America as soon as possible.

The board of the foundation carefully considers the applications of hospitals throughout North America. Based on several factors, including space availability within the hospital, and the resources available to the hospital's development fund, the board makes the final decision on where new rooms will be installed.

Can I make a pledge and set up a payment plan?

Pledge payments may be set up annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or on a schedule that fits your situation. Payments may be made by cash, check, credit card authorization, money order, bank draft or stock. More information can be found by clicking on the Donate Now button.

Where can I see what the CiC Foundation does?

Please click on the News tab on our website to see the foundation in action and some of the young people who have benefited from the generosity of "companions" like you.

For more information on the CiC Foundation, please write to the following address or call.

Companions in Courage Foundation
attn: Pat LaFontaine
P.O. Box 768
Huntington, NY 11743
(914) 325-4870

Will I have an opportunity to meet with Pat LaFontaine?

Opportunities to meet Pat in person, or to see what the CiC Foundation is doing for kids in hospitals, are listed in the Events section of our website. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available at each of our events.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for any of our events, or becoming a major donor, please contact us by email at CiC16@optonline.net

Can I get an autographed photo (puck, jersey, etc.)
        of Pat LaFontaine from the Foundation?

Because of the volume of requests for autographs, and the Foundation's small staff and focus on Pat LaFontaine as an advocate for children's hospitals, (and not as a celebrity), the Foundation cannot respond to such requests.

Can Pat LaFontaine speak at my event?

Pat has a very busy schedule and is not able to attend many events. The Foundation will pass along written requests that it finds appropriate, but it cannot guarantee that he will be available or that you will receive a response from the Foundation.

Are there ways I can make a gift through a will or some other opportunities
        such as a trust, where I can receive an annuity?

These gifts are also referred to as "planned", "life income", or "deferred," gifts and can provide an immediate income tax deduction, as well as other benefits such as life income and avoidance of capital gains tax. They are also useful tools for estate planning.

Some deferred gifts, like bequests, provide gift and estate tax savings. Charitable remainder unitrusts, gift annuities, life insurance, and benefits from IRAs and pensions are just a few vehicles which our donors can use to benefit themselves as well as the Companions in Courage Foundation.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact us by email.

How much is expended for operational needs annually?

The CiC Foundation has been the recipient of some very generous gifts and donations in kind. We have therefore been able to avoid most of the administrative and operational expenses that other groups face.

We pledge to our donors that we will continue to strive to keep our costs down in order to maximize the benefits of every dollar received.

For more details, please see our listing at www.guidestar.com.

Is there anywhere I can go to learn more about the CiC Foundation
        including financial information?

Yes, please log on to our profile at www.guidestar.com

How do I sign up to be an CiC Foundation donor?

Online Giving allows donors to make charitable donations through our secure web site from the convenience of their homes or offices. Click here to donate. Donations can also be made by check and sent to the foundation headquarters.

For additional info please call: 914-325-4870

Companions in Courage Foundation
attn: Pat LaFontaine
P.O. Box 768
Huntington, NY 11743

Can I raise money for the Foundation?

The CiC Foundation welcomes "grass root" campaigns by "companions" looking to make a difference in their community. We are grateful for the support of people throughout the country who raise money for us through benefits, auctions, triathlons, etc. Due to the fact that we have a small staff and there are many generous people who want to support our efforts, we are not always able to provide direct logistical or personnel support outside of the fundraising events organized in-house.

For additional info please email: CiC16@optonline.net

Can I volunteer?

Because we are a small office, it is difficult to accommodate all the wonderful, enthusiastic people who want to give their time and energy to our cause. However, we do recommend that those who want to volunteer consider children's hospital advocacy and awareness work at the local and national level.

What exactly is "Network for Good"?

Network for Good is an organization dedicated to helping legitimate charities to raise funds by offering operational and administrative expertise. Not every "charity" is accepted for inclusion in the Network for Good.

By using the facilities of Network for Good, the CiC Foundation can keep its overhead down, thereby allowing us to use more of the money donated for our programs, and less for our expenses.

For more information, please see their website at www.networkforgood.com.

If I contact the CiC Foundation, or if I make a donation or become a sponsor,
        what happens to the information I give?

The CiC Foundation will not share any of your personal information with anyone. Your information may be shared with Network for Good solely for the purpose of accepting the donation. Please see the Network for Good website www.networkforgood.com to review their privacy policy.

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