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Colored Boxes
Pat Lafontaine
Companions in Courage

How You Can Help

The Companions in Courage Foundation welcomes assistance for its work with children and hospitals in any way that is practical. Children’s hospitals are not-for-profit healthcare facilities that serve as safety nets in their community. The gift of a Lion’s Den room or mobile XBox kiosk is a luxury that these hospitals simply cannot afford on their own. That’s why your help is so important.

Our existing Lion’s Den rooms get a lot of daily play and use, and the electronic equipment occasionally requires some updating. Please select our “Urgent Needs” button and see how you might be able to provide the funds for a new monitor or XBox game to a hospital that is near to your heart. We hope that hospitalized children never have to step in a Lion’s Den room with an “Out of Order” sign posted on a monitor, keyboard or game console. With your help, that will never happen.

Some hospitals encourage donors to contribute new or gently used XBox video games or age-appropriate DVD movies. Many hospitals no longer accept the donation of books and used toys because of the infectious risks of these items. However, volunteer opportunities are sometimes available at our member hospitals. Each hospital has its own donation, visitation or volunteer policy. We encourage you to visit the website of the hospital you are interested in helping for more info.

CiC hosts regional fundraising events that are regularly updated on our website and Facebook Page. Please consider participating or making a donation in support of any of these events. Money raised in these campaigns helps us provide services in the host community or with our nominal operating expenses.

Individuals or corporations interested in sponsoring a Lion’s Den room at a hospital in their community should contact the foundation directly. We will work with your hospital of choice to identify available space and to coordinate donations from our major sponsors.

We certainly appreciate your continued interest in helping these hospitalized children. Your efforts make such a difference in the lives of these special children and their families.

On their behalf we say, thank you!

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