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Pat Lafontaine
Companions in Courage

Welcome to Companions in Courage

The Companions in Courage Foundation was founded by NHL Hall of Famer, Pat LaFontaine as a way to connect hospitalized children with their family, friends and heroes. We are recognized as a public 501(c)(3) charity, building interactive playrooms in hospitals. In addition, we have been selected by Microsoft to administer a program delivering mobile XBox 360 kiosks to patients bedsides throughout North America. Through the generosity of our "companions," innovative communications tools introduce technology to the healing process and improve the hospital experience for all patients by giving them "courage".

Connecting Kids in Hospitals
     with Family, Friends, and Celebrities

Cohen Children's Medical Center @ North Shore LIJ
Replacement TV  ♥ Donate to this need

  • "We have been looking at how can we do something to give back. One of the great things [about CiC] is that a very high percentage of the donations we give go right to the hospital "
    - Mitch Koch (Microsoft)

  • "The more they can focus on something thats fun the more they're going to forget about why they're here. They say laughter is the best medicine."
    - Michael Lombardi (Actor)

  • "Its a great distraction from their pain, their illness and their fear... It's a great gathering place."
    - Susan Sarandon (Actor)

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